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Learn Important Survival Skills for Life

We believe that by studying both primitive skills and modern methods of survival, we can enhance our understanding of the precious Earth we live on.

Outdoor Survival and Primitive Skills

One of the most important attributes of a warrior is the ability to be "natural." While being natural means different things to different people, for the warrior, it means truly blending with the flow of the Earth, the universe, and all things — the tree bends with the wind; the water flows around obstacles; the fire consumes and makes way for new life; the mountain remains patient and immovable.

There are countless records of people who have had the misfortune of ending up in a situation where they have been lost, broken down, injured, or cut off from their friends/comrades and have had to sustain themselves for some time in order to survive.

By learning the ways of the Earth and understanding the subtleties of nature, we can learn to not only survive in various environments and climates but also thrive. We are a part of the natural world, NOT separate from it.

Tactical and Military Skills

Additional skills are offered at Warrior Ways Training Center which are more tactical and modern in nature, many of those derived from time served in the US Marine Corps. While many are for the purposes of outdoor survival, some skills are very relevant to the dangers of modern times and may require strategy and tactics.

Although it is important to be able to construct a protective shelter, procure water and get a fire going, it is just as important to ensure the security of your position from predators (which unfortunately could be human). How do you stay hidden or move quietly? Is there a need in your situation to patrol an area or perform reconnaissance?

Knowing what terrain factors need to be considered for using a communication device or how to signal for help or use a map and compass to determine your location as well as distance and direction to safety, - all require another set of skills. These unique skills are also offered at Warrior Ways.

Course Topics

Survival Skills

  • Primitive Shelter Construction
  • Primitive and alternative fire methods
  • Water procurement and purification
  • Making Cordage
  • Traps and snares
  • Cold weather survival
  • Wild edible Vegetation
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Weapons and Tools 


  • Map and Compass Fundamentals
  • Land Navigation/Orienteering
  • Methods of Cover and Concealment
  • Stalking/Tracking Concepts
  • Principles of Reconnaissance
  • Defensive Position Construction
  • Field First Aid Techniques
  • Signaling
  • Basic Firearms Principles/Safety