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Uncertain Times Give Rise to Predators.

Be Ready for Them. 

The world is in a time of great turmoil and change. An unfortunate side effect of times like these is the emergence of predators looking to exploit fear and uncertainty and using violence to do so. All of us have the right to our personal space and safety and should have the opportunity to defend ourselves.

However, most do not have the time, budget or interest to commit to the lengthy and disciplined path of a long-term martial arts program. For this very reason, Warrior Ways Training Center has launched a new program that spotlights the most critical skills and techniques one should have to defend against the most common types of attacks. This is a single day intensive of typically 3-4 hours

Whether you are enjoying the Golden Years of life, are a high school senior getting ready to head out on your own or a single mom working late in the city, Street Readiness is definitely for YOU!

Street Readiness I (SRI)

A single day, 3-4 hour intensive designed to develop proficiency in the following areas:

  • Situational Awareness, Mindset for Survival
  • Fundamentals of Effective Striking
  • Ground Maneuvering Skills (falling properly and ways to regain feet quickly)
  • Defense Techniques Against the Most Common Street Attacks
  • Escape/Egress

Upcoming Classes - SR I

12/17/22 - SR 1

1/14/23 - SR I

3/11/23 - SR I

5/6/23 - SR 1

9/9/23 - SR I

10/7/23 - SR I

Street Readiness II (SRII)

SRII Builds off of the principles and skills learned in SRI (pre-requisite to SRII). It takes personal self-protection to another level by exploring the uses of everyday tools or devices to aid in one’s ability to neutralize a threat and make escaping a reality.

This course is also a single day intensive and revisits the previous types of attacks but the participant will learn how to use phones, keys, belts, purses, canes or sticks and other readily accessible tools.

Upcoming Classes - SR II

New Dates for 2023 are Yet to be Determined

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