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Outdoor Survival and Primitive Skills

One of the most important attributes of a Warrior is the ability to be natural. Being natural means different things to different people, however, for the Warrior it means truly blending with the natural flow of the Earth, the Universe and all things. The tree bends with the wind; the water flows around obstacles; the fire consumes and makes way for new life; the mountain remains patient and immovable...

There are countless records of people who have had the misfortune of ending up in a situation where they have been lost or broken down or injured or cut off from their friends/comrades and have had to sustain themselves for a period of time in order to survive. Learning the ways of the Earth and understanding the subtleties of Nature, we can learn to not only survive in various environments and climates but also to thrive. We are a part of the natural world NOT separate from it and at the Warrior Ways Training Center we believe that training in both primitive skills and modern methods of survival, we can better our understanding of the precious Earth we live on.

Instruction - Important Note

Training in outdoor survival skills is currently offered only to members of the Lehigh Valley Bujinkan Dojo as part of on-going survival and preparedness skills. Being able to truly survive and persevere goes beyond just wielding a sword or spear or doing a technique on someone. The Warrior must understand, read and adapt to his environment. Therefore training in basic skills is offered from time to time both in 2-3 hour seminars and overnight campouts. Upcoming courses will be updated on this site. Trainings are conducted by instructor Matt Norton.

Some training topics covered are:

  • Primitive shelter building
  • Primitive and alternative fire methods
  • Water procurement and purification
  • Traps and snares
  • Stalking
  • Map Reading
  • Land Navigation/Orienteering
  • Cold Weather survival
  • Wild edibles and medicinal vegetation