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Lehigh Valley Bujinkan Dojo

Martial Arts of the Samurai and Ninja of Ancient Japan - Emmaus, PA

The Dojo and Martial Art System

The Lehigh Valley Bujinkan Dojo, located in Emmaus, PA is a training hall for those students seeking authentic quality training in the ancient Japanese warrior arts of the Samurai and the Ninja. The system of martial arts is actually comprised of 9 lineages collectively called Bujinkan which is headed by Masaaki Hatusmi the current "Soke" located in Noda City, Japan.


Sensei Matt Norton is a licensed Shidoshi (5th degree black belt instructor). He has been training in the Bujinkan system for 21 years and has been instructing for 16 years. In addition to the warrior arts of the Bujinkan he has also trained previously in Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Boxing earlier in life and has a broad perspective of the fighting arts. He also served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years both active duty and reserve and draws on that experience when appropriate in teaching methods of tactics, strategy, firearms as well as methods of cover and concealment. Additionally Sensei Norton attended the Tracker School run by Tom Brown Jr. to develop a more comprehensive understanding of primitive skills and outdoor survival. He is also fortunate to be a husband and father which allows him to appreciate the balance required between family obligations and training demands.

Training Hall and Atmosphere

The Lehigh Valley Bujinkan Dojo is located on private land not in a commercial setting therefore attending a training session is by appointment only. Anyone showing up unannounced will not be permitted. The facility is a refurbished barn converted to a martial arts training hall. The process for becoming a student is simple: the student emails expressing interest in the training; and requests an appointment to attend a training session (for observation only). If the prospective student has a courteous and respectful attitude and no police record of felonies or violent behavior, he or she is usually permitted to commence training. The atmosphere in the dojo is very friendly and non-competitive with a spirit of cooperative learning and usually a small class size of anywhere from 4-10 students on a given night. This allows a much more personalized approach for each and every student. The nature of the Bujinkan martial arts is vast, complex and comes from time in Japanese history where war was a part of daily life. As a result, the techniques practiced consist of both armed and unarmed methods designed to neutralize a threat versus many of the modern styles that focus on "tapping out" or winning a contest. All martial arts when trained properly and in the right spirit can be a wonderful way to develop the human self - one must consider carefully what it is they are looking to get from it.

Training is currently offered at the following times:

            Tuesday:                                7:15pm-9pm

            Thursday:                            7:15pm-9pm

            Saturday - on occasion we have a Saturday session if desired by the training group and meets everyone's

                         scheduling demands

Classes are a blend of extensive drills and conditioning as well as the traditional techniques from the different lineages of Shinobi and Samurai traditions. An important element to each class is application of the principles learned to one's everyday life

Training earnestly in these arts not only gives the student tremendous power to be able to survive a physical attack, but even more importantly, it teaches one how to truly live in each moment.

See "Contact Us" page to make an appointment.