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What is a "Warrior?"

     This word can mean many things to many people. In our dojo, it refers to that individual who has committed their life to facing and eliminating all of those adversaries, tangible or intangible, that would stand in the way of a happy, healthy and peaceful existence. While many think of a warrior more as a soldier or as it relates to physical battle, there are many more internal battles a person faces every day in their life. Training in the martial arts, with the right focus and spirit can develop a person to become very powerful - not only against the occasional aggressor on the street, but much more frequently, against the daily assault of doubt, fear, anger, confusion and stress. With the right commitment and focus, one can transmute these inner demons to: confidence, fearlessness, compassion, clarity and creativity. This is the spirit of our training hall. That being stated:


  • You are solely seeking fighting/self-defense skills
  • You have no interest in developing yourself as a human being - spiritually, mentally and physically
  • You cannot leave your ego at home
  • You have any background of violent criminal activity
Bujin - "Divine Warrior"